EuroPython Society

Organizers of the EuroPython conference series.
Working for the Python community.

Mission Statement

The EPS arranges with local organizers to put on EuroPython conferences.

Previously this has been done in an ad-hoc fashion, but with the growth of EuroPython - we are reaching 1000 attendees per conference in 2014 - a more formal procedure will need to be introduced.

In the coming years, the EPS will endeavor to provide a better selection workflow, more of the infrastructure needed for conferences, help with the organizational setup and guide the local organizers based on the know-how that was created by previous conferences.

All board members have many years experience in organizing Python conferences and we will strive to put this experience to good use to assure that EuroPython conferences continue to maintain the high quality which EuroPython attendees expect from a EuroPython conference.