Welcome to our new website !

We’ve create this new website to collect information on EuroPython, the society and its workings.

For those who don’t know: the EuroPython Society is a Swedish non-profit organization which was formed in 2004 by the EuroPython organizers to put on EuroPython conferences.

A new board was voted in at the EuroPython 2012 conference. Given the size of EuroPython conferences, we’re working on formalizing the EuroPython selection process, providing resources and arranging with local teams to run EuroPython conferences.

How you can get involved

We consider the EuroPython Society the representation of the EuroPython attendees, so if you have questions, requests for improvements or other ideas on how to improve the series, please feel free to contact us.

You can also become members of the EuroPython Society at no charge and then vote at the general assembly of the society. Please visit our members page for more information.

A new blog for EuroPython

We’ve also setup a new blog for EuroPython in our effort to provide more conference facilities for the EuroPython organization and to enhance the EuroPython attendee experience.

Other EuroPython resources

If you want to stay in touch, please consider subscribing to one or more of these resources:

Past EuroPython conferences

We are collecting links and interesting data for past EuroPython conferences on our EuroPython conference page.

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