Call for Proposals 2014


The EuroPython Society itself is too small to run and organize a complete EuroPython conference. We therefore ask local organizers (LOs) to implement the conferences based on the requirements we set forth in the call for proposals.

Since the EuroPython conference has reached a size where simple ad-hoc management no longer works, the EPS board has decided to formalize the processes around the selection of the local organizers, as well as the ongoing management and interactions between the LOs and the EPS to:

  • assure that the high quality standards, which the EuroPython attendees expect from the conference, are met and to
  • assure the success and quality of the EuroPython conference series as a brand for the years to come.

The details are fixed in a contract between the local organizer and the EPS.

Call for Proposals

The EuroPython Society issued a call for the EuroPython 2014 conference on 2013-05-15.

Submitted proposals

  • Proposal Berlin (final version)
    The initial version of the proposal was submitted on 2013-06-14 and reviewed by the EPS. The review was sent back to the Berlin team on 2013-06-22. We then received the final version on 2013-06-27. Contractual partner of the EPS is the German Python Software Verband e.V.

We also received an email from a team in Belgium, who was interested in running a EuroPython conference in Brussels. After review of the CFP requirements, the team decided to postpone their application in order to first setup the necessary local structures for running an event of the size of EuroPython.

EPS decision

Given that we only received a single proposal, the decision process was rather straight forward.

Our decision was announced on 2013-07-04 at EuroPython 2013 in Florence:

  • The local organizer for EuroPython 2014 will be the team in Berlin, Germany.