EuroPython Society Grants

The EuroPython Society (EPS) welcomes grant proposals for European Python conferences and events.

Going forward, we will also accept grant requests for European projects related to the development of Python, Python-related technology, educational programs and resources, but for now, we have to restrict ourselves mostly to conferences and events in order to keep the review process simple.

If you have questions about the Grants program, please read the FAQ and then direct questions to

Guido van Rossum Core Developer Grant

Starting with EuroPython 2019, we are offering free tickets to Python Core Developers to help support their efforts, provide a platform to get together for face to face meetings and to support finding new core developers.

Please see our Guido van Rossum Core Developer Grant page for details.

Recent Grants

Grant awards are usually announced to the public on our EuroPython Blog, but also listed here.


In 2023,  our commitment in supporting the Python community remains strong as ever. So far,  the EuroPython Society Grants programme offered a total of EUR 73,709.18  to support these events, with a focus on diversity grants and initiatives:


In 2022, with more conferences returning in person or hybrid, we aim to provide even more financial support than 2019, to hopefully help the European Python community through the trying times. In 2022, the EuroPython Society Grants programme offered a total of EUR 48,474.58 to support these events, with a focus on diversity grants and initiatives:


In 2021, though most events ran online due to Covid-19, we are still very proud to have supported their online endeavour. We also gave out a grant to an in-person event this year, a hopeful sign for a brighter 2022. In 2021, the EuroPython Society Grants programme offered a total of EUR 12,025  to support these events:

  • GeoPython 2021 (online): EUR 3,000
  • DjangoCon Europe 2021 (online): EUR 3,000
  • PyCon Odessa 2021 (in-person): EUR 1,050.00
  • EuroPython 2021 (online): EUR 3,975.00 as Financial Aid sponsor
  • Hamburg Python Pizza (online): EUR 1,000


Many events turned online, postponed or cancelled in 2020, so we only received very few grant requests. Several of the ones we had in the queue were withdrawn due to COVID-19. In 2020, the EuroPython Society Grants programme offered a total of EUR 9,316  to support these events:

  • ADASS 2020 (online): Zoom Webinar 1000 license and recording support (EUR 316)
  • DjangoCon Europe 2020 (online): EUR 2,500
  • GeoPython & Python Machine Learning Conference (online): EUR 2,500
  • PyCon Italia 2020: EUR 4,000 (carried forward to 2022, since the 2020 and 2021 events were cancelled)
  • Remote Python Pizza 2020 (online): Zoom Webinar license and recording support
  • We also shared Zoom licenses with several smaller events. See our Conference Resources page for details:
    PyLadies Munich
    Python Argentina Meetup
    Python Meeting Düsseldorf
    Python Glasgow meetup


In 2019, the EuroPython Society Grants programme offered a total of EUR 42,187.88  to support these events:

  • DjangoCon 2019: EUR 2,000 as opportunity grant
  • PyCon Namibia 2019: EUR 1,000 in form of two travel grants to send European Python developers to the conference
  • PyLadies Berlin: EUR 287.88 for a panel event
  • EuroPython 2019: EUR 15,000 as financial aid sponsor
  • EuroPython 2019: EUR 2,000 to sponsor a Django Girls Workshop
  • PyCon Balkan 2019: EUR 2,000
  • GeoPython 2019: EUR 3,000
  • PyCon DE 2019 + PyData Berlin 2019: EUR 4,000
  • PyConWeb 2019: EUR 2,000
  • EuroSciPy 2019: EUR 3,000
  • PyCode Conference: EUR 1,400
  • Django Girls Berlin: EUR 500
  • Pycon Ireland: EUR 2,000
  • Hamburg Python Pizza: EUR 500
  • PyCon France: EUR 3,000
  • Pyday Gran Canaria: EUR 500


In 2018, the EuroPython Society Grants programme offered a total of EUR 34,650  to support these events:

  • PyDay Tenerife 2018: EUR 200 for a one day event
  • PySS 2018: EUR 1,000 to support the conference
  • PyCon Balkan 2018: EUR 1,500 to support the conference
  • PySlovak School Project: EUR 2,000 to support the project teaching Python to primary and secondary students
  • Berlin Python Pizza 2019: EUR 500 for a one day event
  • PyCon DE 2018: EUR 2,000 as financial aid grant
  • EuroSciPy 2018: EUR 2,000 as financial aid grant
  • PyCon Italia 2018: EUR 2,000 as financial aid grant
  • DjangoCon Europe 2018: EUR 2,000 as opportunity grant
  • EuroPython 2018: EUR 13,000 as financial grant
  • EuroPython 2018: EUR 8,450 for the Women’s Django Workshop


  • PyCon DE 2017: EUR 2000 as financial aid grant

EuroPython Fellow Grant

In order to recognize and show gratitude towards members of the EPS and the EuroPython Workgroups who have contributed significantly towards our mission, the EuroPython conference and the Society as an organization, the EuroPython Society Board has instantiated a new EuroPython Fellow Grant in 2021.

EuroPython Fellows are eligible for a lifetime free attendance of the EuroPython conference and workshops.

Please see our EuroPython Society Fellow Grant page for details.

Grant Proposals

Proposals should be for specific Python conferences. We cannot sponsor user group events, meetups, sprints or similar smaller events at this time. Proposals should be brief (two pages of text at maximum), and they should explain:

  1. A conference introduction, including the expected number of attendees and scope of the conference.
  2. The date by which funding must be received.
  3. The expected grant size, including the motivation for choosing the size. Please note that the EPS may decide to fund only part of the requested size.
  4. A description of the beneficiaries of the grant, including a mention of whether the organizers themselves may personally benefit from the grant.
  5. A description of the planned grant follow-up activities. We would like to see how the grant was used, so please send in information on how the grant was put to good use for the Python community. This could be blog postings, post-event write-ups, conference web pages, etc.
  6. A contact person or group of persons, with which we can communicate regarding the grant and the conference. The EPS would like to actively build relationships with European Python organizers and possibly send speakers or representatives to the conference.

To submit a grant proposal please send an email to and please leave at least 4 weeks prior to the event for us to review the request and possibly get back to you with questions.

We will be in touch by email to let you know whether we decided to sponsor the event or not. For sponsorships, we require a VAT invoice written to the EPS for the grant amount:

EuroPython Society
Ramnebacken 45
424 38 Agnesberg
VAT-ID: SE802417770401

The invoice should to provide SEPA money transfer details to render the payment in EUR. We also support PayPal and TransferWise for payments, but prefer SEPA due to the low costs.

Example Grant Proposal

Grant Proposal: The next annual PyCon Portugal will be taking place this June, and sponsorship from the EuroPython Society (EPS) would be much appreciated.

Grant objective: In an effort to keep our ticket prices affordable, we’ve secured corporate sponsorship to cover the catering costs, and are hoping that the EPS will be able to help us pay for the venue rental and A/V fees. The conference runs Friday to Sunday, and the venue rental fee is EUR 1000 per day. The A/V costs are EUR 1500 for the whole weekend.

Grant size: EUR 2000 total to help cover the costs. To thank you for your sponsorship, we will place the EPS logo on our site and offer you 2 free tickets to PyCon Portugal to distribute as you see fit.

Grant beneficiaries: We are expecting 300 attendees this year. We will also be recording the talks, and will make them available online a few days after the event.

Grant follow-up: We will post a summary of PyCon Portugal on our blog and mention that the EPS sponsored the event. The EPS will receive an email pointing to the blog post once it is published, as well as additional pictures from the conference.

Grant Recognition

Please put our logo (with text) up on your website. We usually do not ask for anything else, but if you’d like to offer freebies to our EuroPython community, we won’t reject them either :-)

Sharing Zoom Licenses

In addition to financial grants, we can also share our Zoom licenses with the community, or get new ones on our business account. Please see our Conference Resources page for details.

Publicity Aid

We can help you spread the word by retweeting your conference announcements on the EuroPython twitter channel. Please send us the tweet URL once you’re ready with the tweet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Is there a maximum grant size that can be awarded?

A. There is no set maximum, but we want to distributed grants with consideration to the conference sizes, needs and benefit for the community, all subject to our available budget.

Q. I am running a Python conference. How big a grant should I ask for?

A. The conference grant size is typically between EUR 5-10 per attendee as guideline. The EPS does not have big pockets as the PSF does, so we try to use our available budget in a way that balance the overall effectiveness with the number of grants we can issue.

Q. Is there anything I need to know about fund disbursements?

A. We can only make payments at an organization-to-organization level due to EU regulations. We prefer to make SEPA payments in EUR, but can also render payments via PayPal or TransferWise.

Q. Are there any restrictions on how I describe receiving a grant from the EPS?

A. Yes, there are. Specifically, the EPS awarding a grant to support a conference is not an endorsement of the conference and should not be represented as such. Texts such as “Sponsored by the EuroPython Society” or “Supported by the EuroPython Society” are fine.