About the EuroPython Society

The EuroPython Society (EPS) is a Swedish non-profit organization which organizes EuroPython conferences, supports the Python community in Europe and holds the rights to the EuroPython conference series and trademarks.

The EPS was formed in 2004, with the mission to turn EuroPython into a successful Python conference series for the years to come. In 2016, we have extended our mission to further the use of the programming language Python in Europe and organize events centered around the programming language Python to support this.

EuroPython Society Resources

The following pages provide more background information on the EPS:

Older content, which is no longer relevant for running EuroPython conferences, but kept around for historic purposes:

Organization Details

Registered address:

EuroPython Society
Ramnebacken 45
424 38 Agnesberg

Please note that we have changed our address in July 2019 to the above new one. Our previous address was: EuroPython Society c/o Open End AB, Norra Ågatan 10, 41664  Göteborg, Sweden.

Contact information:

Email: board@europython.eu
Phone: +46 317 490 898 (Voice mail only)

More contact information and channels are available on our contact page.

Tax information:

Organizational form: Ideell förening (non-profit organization)
Swedish organization number: 802417-7704
Registered on 2004-04-09.
EU VAT-ID: SE802417770401

Also see our Ratsit entry for more details (in Swedish).

Other VAT Registrations

For EuroPython 2023, we have registered for VAT in the Czech Republic. Czech VAT on conference tickets might be applied when appropriate.

Czech VAT ID: CZ686177872

For EuroPython 2022, we have registered for VAT in Ireland. We charge Irish VAT on conference tickets.

Irish VAT ID: IE 3673027HH

Irish Postal Address: EuroPython Society c/o Tynan Dillon Advisors Ltd, 74 Northumberland Road, Dublin 4, D04 XF75

For EuroPython 2019, we have registered for VAT in Switzerland, since we need to charge Swiss VAT on conference tickets and sponsor packages:

Swiss VAT ID: CHE-195.676.403

with registered address: EuroPython Society c/o Rhenuba Treuhand GmbH, Hardstrasse 127, 4052 Basel, Switzerland

We have deregistered the CH VAT ID in 2020.

For EuroPython 2018, we had registered for VAT in the UK to be able to pay UK taxes for the conference tickets:

UK VAT ID: GB297620469

with registered address: EuroPython Society, Unit 2, Block C, Arena Business Park, Holyrood Close, Poole, Dorset BH17 7FN, UK.

We have deregistered the UK VAT ID in 2019.

Non-profit Status

As the EuroPython Society (EPS) is registered in Göteborg, Sweden, our non-profit status and proof of registration is in Swedish and issued by the Swedish tax authority Skatteverket: