EuroPython 2015: Launch preparations are underway

The EuroPython Workgroups are busy preparing the launch of the website. Just launched in mid-January, all workgroups (WGs) are fully under steam by now, working hard to make EuroPython 2015 a fabulous event.

Community building the conference

The On-site Team WG is doing a wonderful job getting us the best possible deals in Bilbao, the Web WG is knee deep into code and docker containers setting up the website, the Marketing & Design WG working with the designers to create wonderful logos and brochures, the Program WG contacting keynote speakers and creating the call for proposals, the Finance WG building the budget and making sure the conference stays affordable for everyone, the Support WG setting up the online help desk to answer your questions, the Communications WG preparing to create a constant stream of exciting news updates, the Administration WG is managing the many accounts, contracts and services needed to run the organization.

The Financial Aid WG and Media WG are preparing to start their part of the conference organization later in March.

The WGs are all staffed with members from the ACPySS on-site team, the EuroPython Society and volunteers from the EuroPython community to drive the organization forward and we’re getting a lot done in a very short time frame.

More help needed

We are very happy with the help we are getting from the community, but there still is a lot more to be done. If you want to help us build a great EuroPython conference, please consider joining one of the above workgroups.

Stay tuned and be sure to follow the EuroPython Blog for updates on the conference.


EuroPython Society

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