EuroPython 2015 will be in Bilbao, Spain !

The EuroPython Society (EPS) is happy to announce that we have decided to accept the proposal from the on-site team ACPySS in Spain to hold EuroPython 2015 in Bilbao, Spain. The decision was made in Monday’s EPS board meeting.

We are extremely happy to have received the proposal and would like to thank everyone from the ACPySS team for their work on the excellent submission:

The cooperation with the ACPySS throughout the proposal process has been very productive. The EPS board is now working together with the ACPySS on the venue selection. The conference dates will be announced as soon as we have finalized the venue.

Sponsoring EuroPython

Companies who would like to signup as EuroPython 2015 sponsor are encouraged to contact the sponsor workgroup at We will be taking on launch sponsors early in January.

The two venues we have for the conference have plenty of room for sponsor booths, so we will try to make EuroPython 2015 as effective as possible for sponsors by offering more booth space and sponsors slots than ever before.

This is your chance to reach out to more than a thousand enthusiastic and highly motivated EuroPython attendees !

EuroPython Workgroups

In Monday’s meeting we have also initiated the following EuroPython workgroups and will follow up in separate blog posts:

  • Finance
  • Sponsors
  • Web
  • On-site Team

We are still looking for volunteers to help with the following workgroups:

  • Conference Administration (contracts, venue contact, ticket support, satellite conferences, legal support, insurance, licensing)
  • Support (helpdesk, attendee support contact, visa help, travel management, chat support for attendees)
  • Financial Aid (setup, grant selection, aid organisation)
  • Marketing/Design (brochures, advertisements, banners, flyers, travel guide, t-shirts, lanyards, badges, panels, logo)
  • Media (video recording, live streaming, live translations, uploads to YouTube and

If you want to help, please apply for one or more workgroups which you feel match your interests and experience. If you’d like to help, but don’t have enough experience, yet are willing to learn, please apply as well.

To apply please send an email to with your details, the motivation for applying (basically why and how you think you could help) and the workgroup(s) you’d like to apply for.

Thank you and Merry Christmas,

EuroPython Society

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