EuroPython 2018: Location and Dates

After a two month RFP bidding process with 19 venues from all over Europe, we are pleased to announce our selection of the location and venue for EuroPython 2018:

… yes, this is just one week before the famous Edinburgh Festival Fringe, so you can extend your stay a little longer if you like.

Based on the feedback we collected in the last few years, we have switched to a more compact conference layout for 2018:

  • Monday, Tuesday: Workshops and Trainings
  • Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: Main conference with talks, keynotes, exhibition
  • Saturday, Sunday: Sprints

More information will be available as we progress with the organization.

PS: We are now entering contract negotiations, so the above dates are highly likely, but we cannot confirm 100% yet.


EuroPython Society

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