EuroPython 2019: Schedule is online


We are pleased to announce the EuroPython 2019 schedule. We will again have more than 130 sessions in total, held by more than 130 speakers


Schedule for EuroPython 2019

Please note that the schedule may still change in details, but the overall layout is fixed now.

Book your EuroPython 2019 Ticket

Please make sure you book your ticket in the coming days. We will switch to late bird rates next week.

If you want to attend the training sessions, please buy a training pass in addition to your conference ticket, or get a combined ticket. We only have very few training seats left.

Travel & accommodation tips

Since we’re close the conference, Basel is in high demand. If you’re having problems finding a hotel, please also consider searching for apartments on the well known booking sites.

We have collected a number of recommendations for accommodation and travel to Basel on the EuroPython 2019 website. If you get a hotel or apartment in Basel, you will additionally get a BaselCard for your stay, which allows you to use public transport in Basel for free. Please see our accommodation page for details.


EuroPython 2019 Team

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