EuroPython 2019: Seeking venues

Dear EuroPython’istas,

We are in preparations of our venue RFP for the EuroPython 2019 edition and are asking for your help in finding the right locations for us to choose from.

If you know of a larger venue - hotel or conference center - that can accommodate at least 1400 attendees, please send the venue details to We will then make sure to include them in our RFP once we send it out.

The more venues we gather to reach out to, the better of a selection process we can guarantee, which in return, will ultimately result in a better conference experience for everybody involved.

When sending us venue suggestions, please make sure to provide us with the following: name and URL of the venue, country and city, as well as the contact details of the sales person in charge of inquiries (full name, email and phone).

We were planning to start the RFP process in the coming days, so please make sure you send us your recommendations as soon as possible.

Thank you,

EuroPython Society Board

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