EuroPython Podcast CoC Issue

After today’s posting, it became apparent that we have made a mistake in communicating the issue properly. We’re sorry for this, would like to apologize and hope to do better this time around.

Breach of CoC

Reading the more comprehensive transcript by Yamila Moreno, it is clear that there was no room for misinterpretations to Manuel Graña’s comments.

The statements made in that part of the interview were:

  • a clear breach of our Code of Conduct
  • not in line with anything EuroPython stands for
  • completely out of touch with the Python community and its values

Actions taken

Manuel Graña was removed from the EuroPython 2015 team right after we had found out about the issue (on April 3rd), first as temporary step to start investigating and later as permanent action.

Apology from the EuroPython 2015 Team

We are really sorry for what has happened and our failed initial attempt to address the issue this morning.

The podcast should have been properly reviewed by the communications team before going live to not create the impression that we as EuroPython 2015 Team approve of such opinions and statements. We’d have taken action right after the review, instead of having other community members make us aware of the breach of our CoC.

The fact that an organizer of the team made such comments is particularly alarming. We’d sincerely like to apologize for this.

Apology from the ACPySS

(English) On the behalf of EP2015 organizers, we would like to sincerely apologize. We are sorry that this was said. It was completely wrong. Manuel, the person who made such poorly worded statements, had been removed from the organization team as soon as were reported the issue. This decision was shared and taken by Manuel himself. You can see a related tweet by one of the organizers here:

(Español) Nos gustaría pedir nuestras más sinceras disculpas en el nombre de la organización del EP2015. Lamentamos mucho lo que se dijo y estuvo completamente fuera de lugar. Manuel, la persona que hizo esas declaraciones, se retiró del equipo de organización tan pronto como se informó al respecto. Esta decisión fue compartida y tomada por el propio Manuel. Se puede ver un tweet relacionado de su marcha aquí:

(Euskara) EP2015 antolatzaileen izenean barkamena eskatu nahi dizuegu. Barkatu azken hitzak gure ahotik irten izanak. Ez ziren aproposak izan. Hitz ez egoki hauek esan zituen pertsona Manuel izan zen. Aipatu behar dugu elkarrizketa gertatu eta hurrengo egunean antolakuntzatik kanpo geratzea erabaki zuela. Erabakiaren berri antolakuntzako beste kide batek idatzitako tweet honetan ikus daiteke:

Help us do better in the future

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We’d like to thank  Yamila Moreno for the transcript and everyone who pointed out our mistakes.

Best Regards,

EuroPython Society
EuroPython 2015 Team

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