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Call for Participation

The EPS regularly does calls for participation to put on EuroPython conferences. If possible, we usually announce our decisions at the EuroPython conferences.

Call for EuroPython 2015

After reviewing the concepts that had been used for previous conference years and the experience we gained working with the local team in Berlin, the EPS has decided to restructure the way EuroPython conferences will be organized in the coming years.

Instead of placing the burden on a single local organization team, we will create a set of distributed EPS work groups responsible for the various parts in the conference organization. These work groups will then persist across location changes, creating a more stable and effective environment for everyone to work in.

Local teams can then focus on the needed on-site support and help with the venue and catering selection. Where possible, the contracts for the conference organization will be signed by the EPS, so the financial risk for the local teams will be a lot lower.

Fabio Pliger gave a talk about the new concept at EuroPython 2014. Please see our records page for the talk slides.

We will announce a call for EuroPython 2015 based on the new work group concept in the next few weeks. If you are interested, please follow us.

Call for EuroPython 2014

Please see our Call for Proposals 2014 page for details on the 2014 concepts and selection process.

Call for EuroPython 2013

Please see our Call for Proposals 2013 page for details on the 2013 selection process.

Call for EuroPython 2011

Please see our Call for Proposals 2011 page for details on the 2011 selection process.

Earlier CFPs

We will make CFPs for earlier EuroPython editions available as well, if there’s interest. Any help with this is appreciated.