EuroPython Society Fellow Grant


The Board of the EuroPython Society (EPS) would like to honor and show gratitude towards members of the EuroPython Society and the EuroPython Workgroups who have contributed significantly towards our mission, the EuroPython conference and the Society as an organization.

For this reason, we are announcing the EuroPython Society Fellow Grant. EPS members eligible for this grant will be called EuroPython Fellows.

EuroPython Fellows are eligible for a lifetime free attendance of the EuroPython conference and will be listed on this page to recognize their achievements and support.

The EuroPython Society Board will decide on new Fellowships based on nominations by the EPS members and its own deliberations.

EuroPython Fellows

  • Alexander Hendorf (2021-09-21)
  • Alexandre Manhaes Savio (2021-09-21)
  • Anthon van der Neut (2021-09-21)
  • Borja Ayerdi (2021-09-21)
  • Christian Calogero Barra (2021-09-21)
  • Darya Chyzhyk (2021-09-21)
  • Fabio Pliger (2021-09-21)
  • Jacob Hallén (2021-09-21)
  • Vicky Twomey-Lee (2021-09-21)
  • Laura Creighton (2021-10-04)
  • Oier Etxaniz Beneitez (2021-10-04, posthumously)
  • Artur Czepiel (2021-11-29)
  • Giovanni Bajo (2021-11-29)
  • Harald Armin Massa (2021-11-29)
  • John Pinner (2021-11-29), posthumously
  • Patrick Guido Arminio (2021-11-29)
  • Rob Collins (2021-11-29), posthumously
  • Valeria Pettorino (2021-11-29)
  • Marc-André Lemburg (2021-11-29)
  • Raquel Dou (2023-10-04)
  • Naomi Ceder (2023-02-20)
  • Cheuk Ting Ho (2023-02-20)
  • Francesco Pierfederici (2023-02-20)
  • Jakub Musko (2023-02-20)
  • Sebastiaan Zeeff (2023-08-21)
  • Theofanis Petkos (2023-08-21)
  • Silvia Uberti (2023-10-04)
  • Nicolás Demarchi (2023-10-04)

The EPS Board would like to congratulate the above Fellows and thank them for their tireless work towards our goals.

Fellow Nominations

The board will decide on new Fellow nominations quarterly. If you are an EPS member and want to nominate another member as a Fellow, please write to and include why you believe the member should become a Fellow.

How can I apply for the grant?

We will be following the same simple approach as for the Guido van Rossum Core Developer Grant:

In case you are listed as a EuroPython Fellow and want to receive a grant coupon code for an upcoming EuroPython conference, please write to with subject line “EuroPython Society Fellow Grant: <your name>”.

We will then issue a 100% discount coupon code you can use to “buy” tickets to the EuroPython workshops and conference at no charge.

Please note that some extra events may not be included in this, e.g. the social event, depending on how the conference is structured.

If you need financial aid to get help with travel and / or accommodation, please submit a Finaid request using the conference’s standard financial aid program.

How can I become a EuroPython Fellow?

As first step, you'd have to join the EPS and start working in the workgroups or on the board. As your work progresses and the members recognize your accomplishments, you can be nominated and the board will decide on the nomination.

To give you an idea of the level of accomplishments which are needed, please consider that the first Fellows were voted in based on having served at least two terms on the EPS Board. This means having helped significantly with the organization of at least two conference editions, in most cases, in a workgroup leadership position.