Call for Participation 2017


For EuroPython 2017, we have decided to split the call for on-site teams in two parts:

  • a less formal Call for Interest (CFI) to get to know the teams and their potential proposals,
  • followed by the formal Call for Participation (CFP).

The purpose of this split was to engage with the teams early on in the proposal process and guide them through the many aspects we have to consider when selecting the on-site team for the next year. Our hope is that these changes will make it easier for on-site teams to sign up for hosting a EuroPython conference.

Since 2015, EuroPython is organized using a work group based approach, which puts more emphasis on having remotely working teams take a large part of the load of organizing a EuroPython conference and integrates the on-site team into this structure.

Please see our EuroPython Workgroup blog post for details on the work group model and the motivation behind it.

To further reduce the burden on the on-site teams, we are only requesting the on-site teams to sign up for one year, keeping in mind, of course, that the team may want to submit a follow-up proposal for the next year.

Call for Interest

The EuroPython Society issued an interest call for the EuroPython 2017 conference on 2016-07-16.

Call for Participation

Instead of running a separate call for participation, we decided to enter direct discussions with the teams to gather all the information we needed for the decision.

Submitted proposals

  • Italian team: the original CFI proposal received on 2016-07-22 listing Como and Milan as locations. This was later revised to use Rimini, Riccione or Genova as location, since these offered much better prices. In the end, Rimini was their final candidate and they sent an updated CFI proposal.
  • Brno team: we did not receive a CFI proposal document, but instead an email on 2016-07-25 starting a process of collecting the needed information. We don’t have a CFI proposal document to put online.
  • Bilbao team: the proposal we received on 2016-07-25 was similar to the already very comprehensive 2015 CFP proposal (with the dates adapted to the 2017).

EPS decision

We had long discussions with all the teams and needed to collect enough information from everyone to come to a conclusion, taking the location, the venues and the pricing into account. This took longer than expected, but also resulted in the board having a good and thorough insight into the details of each proposal.

Our final decision was announced on 2016-10-29:

We will be working with the Italian team as on-site team and Python Italia APS as local organization.

Please note: For future CFPs, we will make participation of key members of the submitting teams in previous EuroPython conferences a requirement.