EPS Conference Resources

For EuroPython 2020, the EPS had to put a lot of work into investigating ways of turning our in-person event into an online one. We managed to make things work in the 4 months we had for this (from April - July 2020) and hope that our existing research will help other Python events go online as well.

For EuroPython 2021, we are working with a new set of documents, which we have also added below.

Running Online Conferences

The two central documents we have for EP2021 are:

  • EuroPython 2021 - Online Conference Tools
    This covers research on a lot of different tools available out there, our experience with them, hints and tips on how to use them effectively (esp. for Zoom and Discord). It includes the research we did for EP2020.
  • EuroPython 2021 - Virtual Conference Concept
    For EuroPython 2021, we will use the experience we gained from EP2020 and refine the concept for next year’s online event. This is still very much work in progress.

The two central documents we had for EP2020 were:

We also used guides for speakers and hosts, which are currently preparing for publication.

If you have questions around these documents and their content, feel free to contact us at helpdesk@europython.eu.

PS: Even though the above documents were mainly created for EP2020, we will keep updating them or post new documents on this page.

Sharing our Zoom Webinar and Pro licenses

In addition to sharing our research, we’d also like to share the Zoom Webinar and Pro licenses we have with other events, where possible. We have already shared them with:

We can help with the configuration and share our existing experience, if needed, or even participate as a co-host to help with managing the tools. Just let us know.

If you are interested in the license sharing, please contact us at helpdesk@europython.eu.