Guido van Rossum Core Developer Grant


At the last General Assembly of the EPS at EuroPython 2018 in Edinburgh, we voted on a new grant program we want to put in place for future EuroPython conferences.

We all love Python and this is one of the main reasons we are putting on EuroPython year after year, serving the “cast of thousands” which support Python. But we also believe it is important to give something back to the main team of developers who have contributed lots of their time and energy to make Python happen: the Python Core Developers.

This group is small, works countless hours, often in their free time and often close to burnout due to not enough new core developers joining the team.

To help with growing the team, putting it more into the spotlight and give them a place to meet, demonstrate their work and a stage to invite new developers, we decided to give Python Core Developers free entry to future EuroPython conferences, starting with EuroPython 2019 in Basel, Switzerland

In recognition of Guido’s almost 30 years of leading this team, and with his permission, we have named the grant “Guido van Rossum Core Developer Grant”.

Who is eligible ?

The term “Python Core Developer” is interpreted by differently by several parties. Since we need to clearly define who is eligible or not, we have chosen the following meaning:

We regard “Python Core Developer” as a status that you gain once you have been granted commit rights to the CPython repository. Even when giving up the commit rights again or going inactive, you keep the status.

Coming up with a list of core developers is difficult, since no accurate records were kept over time and where they were, they are not necessarily complete:

If you are not listed on one of these, but have committed patches to the CPython repo in the past, please provide links to these patches when requesting the grant coupons.

Please note: Even if a developer falls under the above criteria, we do reserve the right to remove grant eligibility temporarily or even permanently, in case a developer acts without good faith or against our EuroPython Code of Conduct.

How can I apply for the grant ?

We want to make this as simple as possible:

In case you want to receive a grant coupon code for a EuroPython conference, please write to with subject line “Guido van Rossum Core Developer Grant: <your name>” and provide proof of eligibility by pointing to one of the above lists or your CPython patches.

We will then issue a 100% discount coupon code you can use to “buy” tickets to the EuroPython workshops and conference at no charge.

Please note that some extra events may not be included in this, e.g. the social event, depending on how the conference is structured.

If you need financial aid to get help with travel and / or accommodation, please submit a finaid request using the conference’s standard financial aid program.

Can I organize a workshop, summit, sprint at the EuroPython conference ?

In general: yes, we will try hard to make these possible.

For Python core development workshops or summits, we may need to arrange rooms, A/V, etc. with the conference venue to make this work and generally need to know at least 6 months before the conference

For sprints, no special preparation is needed. You can organize these as part of the regular sprint days we have at EuroPython.

For panels, helpdesks, posters, etc. please use the normal CFP process.

How can I become a Python Core Developer ?

Please see the Python Dev Guide for details. It takes a bit of effort, but with some mentoring by other core developers, it’s not all that hard if you have a passion for Python.