EuroPython 2015: Submitted Proposal

The EuroPython Society (EPS) is happy to announce that we have received the amended proposal from the ACPySS team in Spain to hold EuroPython 2015 in Bilbao, Spain. We had been discussing questions with them in the last couple of days.

On-site Team Proposal

Following the CFP process, we are now publishing the redacted version of the proposal, which has all the confidential information removed:

The EPS board will now do a final review and announce the decision in the next two weeks (2014-12-26 latest).

Please send your feedback

We would like to encourage feedback from the EuroPython and Python community regarding the proposal. Please send your emails to theΒ europython-improve mailing list (you will have to sign up to that list before being able to post there).

Thank you,
EuroPython Society

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