EuroPython Teams


In 2022, after multiple discussions with past and current volunteers, we reworked the Workgroup structure in place 2015 and 2021. We aim to have a more balanced workload between contributors in different teams, and give more autonomy to them while reducing the silos between teams.

We hope you like it. If you have any suggestions, email us:

Or better, join us to improve it:

Regular Teams

Anyone who belongs to a regular team will have access to all chat channels of other regular teams. Documents will only be shared with members of a particular Team.

Comms & Design

  • work with our professional designer for logo, merge, and other design needs;
  • handle the basic design and the content of the website;
  • manage all the social media/newsletter.


  • the infrastructure and tooling for the EPS (e.g. mailing, Google Workspace, helpdesk, etc.);
  • deployment and management of the conference website backend, backups, etc.;
  • support other teams with their infrastructure setup, improvement and maintenance.


  • organise Call for Proposal (CFP), talk selection, keynotes, scheduling;
  • coordinate with Sponsor Team to schedule sponsored talks/workshops;
  • arranging workshops, posters, lightning talks for the conference.
  • coordinate with the Board to define sponsorship strategy and packages;
  • handle sponsor contacts and logistics;
  • liaise with the venue and booth builder to manage the exhibit hall, sponsor recruitment session, jobs fairs and other sponsored events.


  • recruit and train sessions chairs;
  • liaise with AV company, venue, and Program to manage (re)-recordings;
  • manage the video uploads, backup, archive, etc.;
  • onsite operations, including onsite volunteer management.

Non-Open-Access Teams


  • Financial Aid program setup, selection, organisation and follow ups.
  • *Recruitment can be open; Β access to chat channel + Google Drive is team members only, due to its access to privileged information and personal decision making,

Special Teams


  • help define and improve the workflow of Code of Conduct (CoC) incident handling process;
  • evaluate, investigate and propose measures for all CoC reports.
  • * Not open to recruitment and no open access.