How many members does the EuroPython Society count right now?

The EPS used to work under the assumption that all EuroPython attendees are automatically members of the EPS. After the EPS board vote in 2012, we reviewed the bylaws and found that this is not actually the case.

Because of this unfortunate misunderstanding, no membership records are available. What we do know for sure at this moment is that the EPS board members which have been active over the years are EPS members legally recognized by the bylaws.

Since this number is nowhere near where we’d like it to be, we are actively encouraging all EuroPython attendees to become EPS members.

That said, and even though the EuroPython attendees don’t have voting rights per the bylaws, we do feel that it’s the EPS board’s responsibility to listen and act based on their preferences, so that all attendees do get a say, regardless of whether they are EPS members or not.


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